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This topless halfnaked beauty black gal comes from
a colorfull Terence Donovan´s photo, by it´s way, it´s
from March 1987 Pirelli Calendar Issue, a front cover
print of an international magazine of Photography,
Cameras, Films, Gadgets & a lot of Photolab stuffs,
the very well and famed ones, PHOTO in DEC/1989.

I start this sketchs over a sheet of FABRIANO cotton
fiber tinted paper on an A4 size. The whole drawing is
250 mm tall and this is the Face Of Mine zoom detail.

The iris "FX" is made with simple strokes & the dark
areas is all made it with the Czech Koh-I-Noor 1500
HardtMudth HB, B, 6B & 8B ultra soft graphite pencils.

The light spots areas ( where's the flashlights shines
back on the skin of this beauty female model
) I made
it with an ordinary Corrective Pen, of course, in White,
on her Eyes, on the Nose and in the sexie kissfull Lips.

All the white areas foregrounded, is made it by Prismalo
Watercolor Pencils, roughed all over the calandred paper.

TIME, into watching her look, deeper into my own eyes... :)

Here is the real thing. SooOOoooo pretty nice, uh?

Instead the world famous Terence Donohan photografer,
light-years more talented than myself, well, I R-E-A-L-L-Y
prefer my own drawings here. At least, I TOUCH the gal... ;)


This original DNA is from the Master, the God HimSelf
of beauty sexie quasi-naked females, yes indeed, I am

This is a graffitti of mine, that I had made it on a big
lateral wall of a hotel, at US$ 30,00 the Square Meter
when I am in Archictectural classes at the university.

I LOVE the architecture and facade of this lady... 8)

Down is a playtime over Mis Teintes #429 and a lot
of PRISMALO watercolors, just to warmup some ideas
and the hands, troughout another kindda of drawings.

Note all the free strokes over the skin area, made it
with dozens of inapropriated randomic colors, just to
make some "noise" over the visual results: I LIKE IT !


I was watching the National Geographic Channel on the
brazilian cable TV, when I turned it off & open a magazine
with same subject that I was watching: JANGAL TIGERS !

No doubts, indeed: Over ordinary A4 copy paper, I start the
sketchs of the Growlling Cat, but, unnafortunelly, I had only
commom pens & pencils, not the artistic ones of my pleasure.

Of course, The Tools Do Not Make The Pro's... With all the
"wrong things" on hands, like SILVAPEN cheap hydropens,
I made all the thin green leaves on foreground's Jangal soil.

All the dark areas is thanks to an ordinary BIC oilly black
pen ( wich remains back, on the phone desk, R.I.P. babe... )
& the orange strokes, is the SILVAPEN children's pens again.

White Fur area of the Tiger is the blank sheet of paper itself,
at least, I REALLY LOVE when I'd to use this extra color tool.

Not mine, but deserves -YES- a Face Of Mine Hallmark:

A gift from Mr. Arthur Rosseto, architect and buddie, wich
designs it as a vignette, a graphic signature of a coast to
coast Hobby Model publication magazine here in Brazil:

I introduce to all of you: SUPER-CHRISS, himself! yes, is my
REAL Second Life, as a Hobbymodel Publisher, not bad, really.

My young Nephew NATALIA CONDE at age 16 on 2002.

In present times, she is not looks quite different from this clean vért-griss vetorial drawings. In real fact, I had maded a kind of an Avant-Premiére into a-what-kind-of-so-pretty woman-she-could-be-someday: 100% right, in my visions !


A customer of mine, Mr. Francisco Arboleya, at age 65.

He is survived by his smilley Wife and beloved Sons,
runners of the Forjas Arboleya in CAMBÉ (PR), Brazil.

I missed the days we talks A LOT, of everything, L.O.L. ...

My exuberant Fiancée, same thing of an above sketch.

Made it to warm ideias and hands. The results surprises
me, becouse the colorfull Randomic Strokes shows new
ways to trail in drawings stuffs, so, I had framed this
beautifull lady, to watch her smilling to me everyday... 8)

Affortunelly, she is FAR MUCH BETTER than my drawings!

Down, "1st. Lady In Strokes" Lemme explain, Foreigners:

Brasil's President of year 1989, Mr. Fernando Color de Mello,
a Rio de Janeiro born, has an Elder Brother wich wife is this
Astonnished Beauty Woman above, named as Tereza Color.

( Well, she is more to watch, not to listen, becouse her
accent is not too... Uh... How can I will tell this? "Fine"? )

Mr. Fernando Color wife's herself, is a V-E-R-Y UGLY woman,
She's stupid, moroonned Queen, short, with GIGA badtaste,
short and too much thin, well, U know how an ugly woman is.

So, our Filthy President always looks over the weak fences of
his own house, into brother's green well lawmownned back
yards, looking to a kind of compensation, something like that.

Mr. Brother do not like this behaviours, so, Mr. Brother comes
to News & Media and starts to cry LOUD about hidden things
on Brasilian's Presidential's private Life & Other Little Things.

Thanks, Mr. Bro: Congressmen starts our 1st. Impeachment!
(Mr. Bro dies years later, thanks to a galloping brain cancer)

Fernando Color de Mello today? Well, he's a Congress elected
man, yup, Hell exists, is HERE. And CADE (where) TEREZA ?
Did someone have just her E-MAIL, p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-lease ?

Mr. Mulato Man. He do not exists. Or do exists? Not mind.

No, do not. He is just my imagination, indeed. Free Strokes,
made it with Technical 0.001 Thin Black Pen, Color add later,
thanks to Adobe's Photoshop, just to play and watch results.






Roomate on the academic so short life. In this sheet of
contact paper, I had made some drawings with EKOLINE.


Graffitti of an Australian Cacatua ornamental bird.



Cleopatra? Well, just sketches, from '86: My apologies...


Incredibel HULK? Nah, Ancient Sketchs from Ancient 80's...

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